Provide Feedback for anything you think can be improved upon. We are in process of making ThirdDime experience complete. Your feedback will greatly help in the process.

1. Do not leave links to pages selling art.

2. Use proper spelling and grammar. Do not write in all CAPS.

3. Report any Spam you find.


1. Give Credit to the artist. Always make sure to give credit to the right artist and ensure proper permissions before submitting an artwork.

2. Give the Correct title of the artwork without any extra information. You can add the additional information in description.

3. Moderators reserve the right to remove submissions, that aren't high quality.

4. Do not submit sketches, doodles or unfinished work.

5. Report any spam you find. Report artworks which are not credited to the right artist.


1. Create every series with a central idea/theme/soul. Feel free to write any opinion on the artwork as long as it contributes to the context of the artwork.

2. Add artworks to as many series as you think is appropriate.

3. Series that don't add to the context may be subject to removal.

4. Feel free to Submit your own opinion on the artwork, even if something already exists on similar lines.