So What is the Big deal with the Mona lisa

So what is so special about the Monalisa, that makes it so famous. Are there mysteries hidden on its canvas? Or is it just simply overhyped ?

1.Leonardo Da Vinci Painted it

An artist's credibility adds to any paintings popularity and Leonardo Da Vinci was an established genius in his own lifetime, and his reputation has only grown in the 21st century as a diversly talented inventor, engineer and artist. This played a huge part in adding to the number of experts interested in analyzing and talking about the Monalisa.

2.Its Incomplete !!

Leonardo kept painting over the Mona Lisa, most probably attempting to perfect its technical aspects. You can also notice that she has no visible facial hair at all- including eyebrows and eyelashes. Right uptil 2007, when ultra high resolution scans of the painting proved restoration had damaged these details, it was commonly believed that they were never painted! This fueled the theory that Leonardo did not finish the painting, and regretted not doing so in his last days. But one factor of this theory is true though, he never delivered Monalisa to the peple who commissioned it and carried it wherever he went. She was indeed special to him.

LOOK at the Details on 'the Monalisa'

3.Napoleon kept it in his bedroom

Napoleon Bonaparte hung the painting in his master bedroom in 1800. This can be considered the first tipping point of making the painting one of the most popular paintings in the world. Its popularity grew from just the highly educated and art circles to the masses.

4.Stolen from heavily secure Museum

The real gamechanger for the paintings popularity came in August 1911 - when Mona Lisa was stolen from heavily secured Louvre Museum which experts said was impossible. The news went viral across newspapers. After 2 weeks of much publicity, Police arrested Guillaume Apollinaire on suspicion of theft. Now this guy implicated Pablo Picasso. The rumor of Picasso stealing the Mona Lisa added a lot more fuel in making Mona Lisa very very popular. Picasso wass questioned and released. Guillaume Apollinaire himself was released after 5 days. Two years after the theft, the Mona Lisa was finally found when an employee working at Louvre tried to sell it to an art gallery in Florence for $100,000. With A lot of media coverage of the entire incident, the monalisa became a recognized face all over the world
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5.She was Different from other Paintings

Now all the attention led to alot of speculation which revealed interesting details about the Monalisa which prove the painting was groundbreaking at that time for the art world

  • Mona Lisa, according to the laws of Sacred geometry, is the perfect representation of a body whose dimensions and measurements compliment the fundamental laws of the universe. sacred geometry

  • Mona Lisa is among the first few painting to use the technique of Chiaroscuro (Contrasting effects of light and shade) and sfumato,( a subtle blend of tones and colours to produce the illusion of form, depth and volume used in the background of the potrait)

  • You would have also heard of Mona Lisa's mystifying gaze and her quirky smile, which seems to follow the user around the room. What you wouldn't have notices is that the smile appears more striking when looked at the portrait's eyes than when looked at the mouth itself. The portrait's gaze meets the viewer's with an expression often described as enigmatic. Yes The monalisa is trying to start a silent conversation with the viewer, by the use of the following-eyes illusion (though not as clear as the Scooby Doo kind of following eyes)

  • Some historians also believe the Mona Lisa could be a self portrait. Da Vinci painting himself as a woman. Although, this theory is also widely debated. monalisa-davinci

6. Mystery in it's Meaning

So combining the fact that Da Vinci gave special attetion to the Monalisa and the myseterious appeal of the artwork itself, many patrons of art and literature talked about different theories about its meaning. Art critics provided their own interesting interpretations of the artwork. 19th Century Poets and writers were able to write stories potraying her as a mystery woman as so little was known about her

7.Famous for being famous

Since the theft, Artists kept paroding it in their own artwork . Every now and then a variation of her face keeps coming across everyone's eyes. Slowly it has hit the Paris Hilton effect. Its keeps on adding to its popularity. So much so that most people don't know why it is popular in the first place.
Monalisa Parody

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