John Atkinson Grimshaw - The painter of the night

Little is known of John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836-1893) as a person, but as an artist he was blessed with a distinct vision of light. In his paintings, he mostly captured nocturnal citylife :- light coming from shop windows, carriage lights, street lamps etc. but the most stunning feature of his paintings is his representation of atmospheric moonlight. Here are some of his breathtaking paintings:-

Nightfall on the Thames

Grimshaw loved to paint at night by the river

Under The Harvest Moon

Here is one of his rural landscapes

The Lady of Shalott

His representation of a scene from Alfred, Lord Tennyson's 'The Lady of Shalott'

Roundhay Lake

Occasionaly you can find lovers in his nightscapes.

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The Lighthouse at Scarborough

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Whitby Harbour by Moonlight

Reflection on the Thames

Canny Glasgow

light reflecting of the streets were also beutifully rendered in his paintings.


Shipping on the Clyde

Moonlight, Wharfedale

Barren trees and bushes complemented the moonlight in Grimshaw's artworks.

Whitby Docks

Grimshaw experimented with painting different times of night to vary celestial light from green to blue to yellow.

The Thames Below London Bridge

Autumn Evening

Here is one of his Paintings of an Autumn Evening

Autumn Morning

And here is its complementary painting of a splendid early Autumn Morning.


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