14 Love Paintings in 14 different styles

Here comes Valentine's Day again! the day to celebrate "Love", a word probably as difficult to explain as art itself. But where words fail to express, art comes to the rescue. We have selected 14 different paintings across all genres, which show you how artists have expressed the concept of Love.

Feet - Tom Sierak

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This painting is the quintessence of innocence. A young couple is probably talking about something but the question 'what' remains veiled. Or they might have been reading each other's silence. What interests the viewer is how the focus of the painting begins and for most of the part remains in the top third of the frame. The sparkling reflection of the light gives it a touch of reality. The subtle use of colours are a treat to the eyes and one feels the urge to visit such a picturesque location.

The Kiss - Florin Birjoveanu

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Colour has a huge impact on our emotions and perceptions. Knowing the power, a colour holds can help in better communication. The colour red packed with emotions ranging from extreme passion and love to intense anger and violence represents both the cupid and the devil. However, this painting draped in red portrays deep rooted love through a kissing couple. The couple appears to be an epitome of love. These superficial patches of red and black is an amazing concept which can easily grasp one's attention.

Sun and Moon Love- Laura Pelick

" Whenever I offer my body to him, Brilliant light pours from his heart." -Moon to Sun

A single glance at this painting made me stroll down the memory lane where Hafiz in one of his poems had portrayed the love of these two celestial bodies through these lines. The hair of the orange coloured figure forms a circle just like the rays of the Sun that spread in all directions. And the hair of the blue coloured figure forms a crescent shape just like the moon does on certain days. Togetherness of the colour orange which symbolises energy and the colour blue which symbolises calmness causes wonders like day and night. More of energy gifts us a dazzling morning while more of calmness gives us a subtle night. Balance of the two gives us a perfect evening. Love, passion, togetherness and self-effacement in a single painting.

Under one umbrella - Leonid Afremov

While most artists sign there artworks to authenticate it, the infamous Leonid Afremov doesn't need to. It is almost impossible to confuse his art with any other artist's work. He uses palette-knife instead of regular brushes to put paint on canvas. Believe it or not, the minutest of details carved on the canvas by him are done from a steel blade. Amazed, right? Hold your breath, there's more to come. The palette-knife he uses is technically used to clean old paints from the canvas. Yes, you read that right. Kudos to this technique he invented. Also, his paintings are brimmed with bright rainbow colours which grab the viewers attention and lead their eyes onto the couple.

The Kiss - Gustav Klimt

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This painting depicts a couple locked in intimacy, while the rest of the painting dissolves into shimmering, extravagant flat pattern. The pattern suggests the style of Art Nouveau. The artwork evokes a world of harmony where the couple is found wrapped in love, oblivious to the real world. They are intertwined on a floor of flowers resembling a meadow. The decoration of their cape varies according to their genders, black and white rectangles for the man and coloured circles and flowers for the woman. This painting evokes emotions of intense love and passion.

Blue grass and fireflies - Pascal Campion

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A scene so blissful and serene has been beautifully portrayed in this painting. Pascal in his work has tinted the grass blue because this heavenly colour symbolises trust and sincerity. Since, depiction of this emotion had been his sole motive, different shades of blue in this painting took birth. The colour white amid much blue is par relaxing. In addition, the presence of fireflies gives it a poetic touch. It arises in viewers the longing for such delightful moments.

Rapture Ecstasy of Love - Nik Helbig

"Do I love you? Do I lust for you?
Am I a sinner because I do the two?"
- A tribe called Quest

Majority of experts believe that the greatest relationships are a combination of love and lust. Love surely has a deeper meaning, but it is lust that keeps the flame burning. This art work, more or less, illustrates the same.

The Kiss - Francesco Hayez

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This painting is among the most ardent representations of a kiss in the history of Western art. Apparently, it represents a passionate kiss but actually what it aims at is to portray the spirit of the Risorgimento (Italian unification). The evocative colours and textures used in the painting, especially for the lady's blue silk dress, shimmers before the viewer's eyes. The couple, though at the centre, aren't as notable as their kiss is. This, however, was intentional so as to make an important element of love stand out.

Endless Love - Alfred Gockel

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Brilliant shafts of elation flash from this piece of art which uses the visual language of shapes, forms, colours and lines. It is the signature style of carving abstract emotions on canvas. This painting attempts to reproduce an illusion of visible reality. The lovers composedly dance against a cheerful background. The collective use of colours, bright and dull; subtle and lurid, has been sensibly done so as not to dispirit viewers.

Holding hands Nicole Roggeman

Holding hands is probably the first attempt in building romantic physical intimacy with your lover. This painting depicts the same, with a little more passion. Interlocking of the couple's fingers speak loads about their physical and emotional bond. The way Nicole has highlighted this emotion of intimacy is par excellence. There's no way a viewer can miss what the artist desires to convey. The subtle use of colours lightens the hearts of the viewers. The hazy background is impressive with green perfectly blending into white.

Eternal Devotion - Sangeetha Bansal

This art work speaks volumes without much scrutiny. Radha and Krishna, the two celestial beings from the Dvapara Yuga, are beautifully portrayed on the canvas. All the paintings by Sangeetha provide an emotional insight to the myriad of emotions a woman goes through in her lifetime. This painting showcases the same. Radha, herself grief-stricken, tries to comfort her beloved by wiping off the tears. Thus, this work shows that true love is all about giving.

Springtime - Pierre Auguste Cot

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Sheer beauty rests in this heavenly carved painting which is a magnificent image of young love. It is appreciably well rendered with a feeling of lush naturalism and is playfully romantic. The smouldering look with which the damsel looks at her beloved is striking. It describes the sensitive evocation of the fleeting glance of early-relationship love. The success of this genre portrayed through brush strokes led to the creation of Cot's yet another infamous painting named 'Storm'. The story of the two is intricately woven.

Happy Dancing Heart - Samantha Lockwood

Ever wondered why the heart symbol looks nothing like the actual heart? This organ which we take a second to carve on paper is actually quite intricate. It is strange how blindly we've been following the trend without any whys and hows. Anyway, I'd love to reveal the mystery behind it. During the seventh century B.C., the city-state of Cyrene had a lucrative trade in a rare, now-extinct plant: Silphium. It was mainly used as a form of birth control. This plant was so important to Cyrene's economy that coins were minted that depicted the plant's seedpod, which looks like the heart shape we know today. The theory goes that the heart shape first became associated with sex, and eventually, with love.

Just because you're mad at someone

An old man having a scowl look on his face, in the picture, sits at one end of the bench while his better half on the other. The distance between them makes the anger prevailing between them quite clear. But this doesn't stop him from holding his umbrella out to shield his love, his wife. The care he shows is beyond words. The picture aptly portrays what love actually is. It is caring for each other even when anger strikes.

Some of the paintings would have robbed your heart, others would've managed to carve a deep impression. Some would've helped you meet your younger version while in others, you would've found your actual version wandering off the track. This roller coaster kind of ride is what art takes you on. We, at Thirddime, promise to take you on many such mysterious and thought provoking journeys. Till then, subscribe below for more such artistic works and their interpretations